Mpreg Fetish: Surprise Male Pregnant Home Anal Birthing ! Bane and Abel 1C w/ Video teaser !

Mpreg Fetish:

Expectant mpreg hottie Bane has been having several male pregnancy cramps lately and this morning things have gotten worse and mrs painful as Bane literally can barely stand up from the pain. Supportive hubby Abel is there to comfort the love of his life and eager father-to-be, and asks if he is ok . . . Bane realizes quickly that the is actually not ok and, as the cramps escalate to sharper mpreg belly ┬ápains he realizes the seriousness of the situation, IT’S TIME !! This mpreg delivery IS HAPPENING NOW !! Abel quickly takes, knowing there’s no time togo to the hospital, he focuses on what he learned about performing an mpreg hime delivery and wow is he ever thankful he took that course in home labor and delivery ! This is an epic delivery taking several grueling hours as Bane struggles to push out his new arrival , but its also very beautiful to witness this wonderful mpreg home anal birthing ! has the best mpreg fetish content ! Sexy male pregnant bloated bellies, weight gainers, labor pains, pregnancy contractions, water broke, male birthing, anal birth, mpreg belly inflation, watermelon belly, pregnant male feminization, breeding fantasy and much much more !

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