Mpreg Fetish: Male Pregnant Belly Bloating Video ! Osirus1A

Mpreg Fetish:

Osirus is such an mpreg hottie and he drams of being big and beautifully pregnant ! One of Osirus’ favorite things to do until the day he actually gets impregnated for real is to watch his bloated mpreg belly grow fatter and fatter as he drinks nearly 2 litres of soda and gets huge right before our eyes as he burps constantly you can just smell his gassy stinky man burps the whole time as he inflates and rubs his fat belly moaning and groaning more and more as he GROWS begins to look pregnant ! I love it when Osirus lifts up his shirt and turns to the side to so I can see his sexy mpreg belly bump . . . wow sexy hunk Osirus just got fat and bloated really fast, he’ll make a great mom one day ! has the best mpreg fetish content ! Sexy male pregnant bloated bellies, weight gainers, labor pains, pregnancy contractions, water broke, male birthing, anal birth, belly inflation, watermelon belly, pregnant male feminization, breeding fantasy and much much more !

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