Mpreg Fetish: Male Pregnant Belly Bloating Video ! Osirus1B

Mpreg Fetish:

Osirus is super bloated from drinking 2 litres of soda and can barely move haha ! He is nearly immobilized by his huge fat inflated mpreg belly, but still wants to grow more, he wants to ugly be pregnant ! So he starts drinking a ton of bottled water and burping as we see his ball belly bump get stretched and inflated so much he looks like a gorgeous pregnant male ! Wow, I love seeing Osirus rub his manly belly bump and turn to the side so we all can see how much he is showing now ! Osirus moans and groans in pain with his mpreg cramps now as he’s gotten so fat and bloated . . . has the best mpreg fetish content ! Sexy male pregnant bloated bellies, weight gainers, labor pains, pregnancy contractions, water broke, male birthing, anal birth, belly inflation, watermelon belly, pregnant male feminization, breeding fantasy and much much more !

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