Mpreg Fetish: Male Pregnant Belly Pains ! Tyler 1B

Mpreg Fetish:

Mpreg hunk Tyler is so happy these days, he just van’t wait to be a new daddy ! All his life Tyler has wished that he could get pregnant,and he and his hubby have been trying for years now, an actually thought it wouldn’t happen until one day six months ago the miracle and happy news arrived, Tyler was finally pregnant ! An this knocked up mpreg man could not be happier and more devoted to his husband and fatherhood. Tyler likes to daydream about buying cribs and toys and painting the new arrival’s room either pink or blue . . .  And along with the joys of pregnancy come the rougher moments of painful cramps !  Ouch, well Tyler new being a new mpreg dad wouldn’t always be a walk in the park . . .. . . . . . . . .. . Mpreg, male preg, mpreg fetish, pregnant belly, bloating, belly, male pregnant, male pregnancy, male birthing, labor pains, water broke, belly bump, pregnant man, anal birth, belly contractions, belly inflation, gaining weight, gainer, feminization, pregnant fetish, mpregger, breeding fantasy, inflation fetish, watermelon belly, maiesiophile, padding, pregnant guy, mpreg belly, mpreg birth, ball gut, ball belly . . . . . . . . . . has the best mpreg fetish content ! Sexy male pregnant bloated bellies, weight gainers, labor pains, pregnancy contractions, water broke, male birthing, anal birth, mpreg belly inflation, watermelon belly, pregnant male feminization, breeding fantasy and much much more !

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