Mpreg Fetish: Male Pregnant Labor Pains w/ video teaser ! Bane 1C

Mpreg Fetish:

Mpreg expectant mother-to-be Bane is going through some pretty rough pregnant belly pains and nausea today and ouch, his belly is really hurting now ! Mpregger Bane is hunched over holding his big male pregnant belly and trying his best to get through these belly pains when suddenly he realizes; “IT’S COMING !” Full on mpreg labors pains are now happening, and it looks like Bane is going into labor as his contractions and cervical dilation has begun  . . . has the best mpreg fetish content ! Sexy male pregnant bloated bellies, weight gainers, labor pains, pregnancy contractions, water broke, male birthing, anal birth, belly inflation, watermelon belly, pregnant male feminization, breeding fantasy and much much more !

Check out the mpreg video teaser !

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